Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador
Rayvolt Ambassador

Rayvolt Ambassador

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    Enhance your classy stride with the sophistication of the Rayvolt Ambassador 

    Never has a vintage bike looked so sophisticated. The Rayvolt Ambassador takes the cycling experience to a whole new level while still keeping the charm and aristocratic aesthetics of the Ambassador Bicycle.

    Whether cruising the city or biking to work, the Rayvolt Ambassador electric bike gets you around in style. The Rayvolt Ambassador gives you the ease of e-bike riding, without taking away the classic feel of a bicycle. It’s intended for both enjoyment and practicality so you can take an eco-friendly approach to transportation in style. The strong lightweight frame and hydraulic breaks make for an undeniably quality ride in style.

    About the motor

    The motor is designed to last, with the careful custom development from Rayvolt. The Ambassador has a 400 watt motor for maximum torque while easily customised down to 250 watt to fit the European based national guidelines adopted by Australia. The motor has a fantastic range of over 100 kilometres between charges. If you are looking for a sturdy bike to get you places, while totally impressing others with elegant charm, the Rayvolt Ambassador bike should be your go-to!

    About the battery

    The Ambassador bike is meant to keep things classy so instead of having a bulky battery, it is built into a genuine leather satchel bag. The bag houses the battery at the bottom half of the bag, still leaving space at the top for a bottle of wine and a baguette to carry to a nearby park. The battery is easily removable by unsnapping the leather back and lifting up from its stand. Not only is it a highly convenient feature, but it also keeps your battery and bag safe from weather, and unfriendly strangers on the street.

    About the special features                                  

    They Rayvolt Ambassador boasts undeniable attention to detail which never fails to turn heads in admiration. This is a chromium-molybdenum bike with double butted gussets which, from an engineering prospective, makes it strong and resistant to temperature fluctuations, while, aesthetically speaking, it presents with pure elegance and class. Passersby can’t help but admire the charm of each individual detail, from the leather handle grips and vintage bike bell, to the fancy copper accents and leather messenger bag. This bike leaves an impression on people whether they know bikes or not.

    Ambassador Specifications

    Weight: 20 Kg

    Dimensions: 172 x 1000 x 690 mm

    Frame: CrMo

    Battery Cover: Genuine Leather Bag

    Grips: Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips

    Saddle: Rayvolt Deluxe Leather, Copper Rails

    Brakes: Tektro Mechanical 160 mm Disk Brakes E-Regenerative 10A-50A

    Crankset: Rayvolt Three Pieces Crankset

    Pedals: Flat Rayvolt pedals, Tracer Rayvolt Pedals

    Chain: KMC Gold Detail Edition

    Speed Control: PAS (Pedal Assist System) Roque Sensor (Optional) Thumb Throttle 

    Rims: 700c Copper Finish

    Tires: 700c x 32mm Cream

    E-Drive System: Rayvolt EIVA


    Rayvolt SMART HUB: 250 W (50 Nm) Speed 25 km/h

    BATTERY life of 1000 Cycles

    SAMSUNG Li-ion: 48 V-10.5 Ah


    Li-ion Smart Charger: 54.6 V and 4 A (2h 30’ charge time)


    Explore your city streets in style with the Rayvolt Ambassador!

    Way too sophisticated to be ignored... 

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