Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter
Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter

Mearth GTS MAX Electric Scooter

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    The Mearth GTS Max takes the winning GTS premium, foldable electric scooter and supercharges it with a power packed dual motor making your everyday commute a breeze whether you are on bitumen or riding off road.


    Made from quality materials and powerful technology, the Mearth GTS provides riders endless capabilities on the road and exceptional value for money.

    Superior Motor and Battery Technology. 
    The Mearth GTS Max boasts an impressive 3200 watt dual motor making your ride not only super smooth but super powerful. 

    The Mearth GTS Max also offers one of the most powerful batteries and motor power that you will see in the industry and knowing the battery is co-engineered by Mearth and Panasonic adds even more confidence when you purchase this outstanding electric scooter. 

    With a battery capacity of 20.4 amp hours, 52 volts and 1061 watt-hours and a motor power of 2400 watts (peak output of 3200 watts), this is an extraordinarily powerful machine that only takes between 4 to 6 hours to charge so you can easily be up and running whenever you need to be.

    Reliable Disc Brakes
    Ensuring your safety, the GTS Max is technically designed and tested to endure any kind of road situation so you can feel secure no matter what the road condition. The back brakes are placed conveniently and comfortably for riders to easily step on them without losing balance. Disc brakes are also a safe type of brake that allows you to slow down at the right pace and not abruptly stop.



    With a powerful battery and motor sustaining it, this Mearth e-scooter can give you a great range of up to 100 kilometres, depending, of course, on your riding style and terrain.


    Hill Climbing

    You can confidently ride up to 35 degrees of slope on the Mearth GTS Max ranking this among the best for hill climbing capacity. You won’t need to hike up while carrying your e-scooter when you own a Mearth GTS Max.

    Ride Quality

    Thanks to its premium built, riding through any type of terrain is easier, safer, and more comfortable. The wide deck and the 150 kg max load makes it very comfortable and safe for bigger people. 


    The Mearth GTS weights in at 34 kg so it isn't a light weight machine but's it's certainly not too big to pick up to put in your boot or even carry onto the train. That said, the weight is good news because it's more evidence that this scooter is built with solid, durable materials designed for off-road travelling. 


    The dashboard is simple with a clear visible screen that will display your speed, riding mode, and battery level.


    To make your ride even safer, the Mearth GTS Max is equipped with a LED light at the front and rear. The front light is positioned at the lower part of the stem, conveniently lighting your path.


    The Mearth GTS Max sports 10-inch air-filled heavy-duty off-road tires that will not easily wear or tear in rough terrains. These tires are also equipped with shock absorbers, making your ride less bumpy and more stable, even on the roughest terrains.

    Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

    2-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the battery and motor.



    Top Speed: Factory set to 25 km/h (off road max may be adjusted to 70 km/h)

    Max Range: 100 km

    Weight: 34 kg

    Max Load: 150 kg

    Burst Output: 3200 W

    Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours

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